SEB PLANTE is the Lead singer for Canadian Montreal Band The Respectable.He is now putting out his first solo album in his career after 30 years of service to Rocking and Rolling with his former group.

The Respectables were born in 1991 in Quebec City but only rose to fame in the late 90's when they finally agreed to record an album in French, that being the main language of their home market.They were first noticed in 1992 by winning Montreal Classic Rock station CHOM FM's Yamaha Quest contest(in English).

They quickly got in a van and began touring relentlessly across Canada in every club found on the way, even reaching as far as New York on a few occasions.They also lived in Toronto for a while where they often came close to getting signed.They put out 3 independant English language albums from '93 to '97.

Having been unable to reach their goals and dreams as originally planned while the long road was starting to take its toll,they conceided to sign a new record deal that was to change their destiny forever after.In 1999, The Respectables became "Les Respectables" and put out the 1st of a long serie of French albums.It was an instant hit.Their first French one 'L'$ fait le Bonheur'(Money makes happiness) became a gold record with no less than 8 Radio singles across Quebec and French Canada.

They went on to win "Band of the Year" twice at L'ADISQ Awards( the big Music Awards gala of Montreal French Market) in 2001 and 2002, before getting the gig of a lifetime in January of 2003 in their home town opening for none other than...The Rolling Stones.

A lot of water went under the bridge and a lot of fun was to be had but the leader of the band still wasn't getting his fill.He finally convinced the band's manager to make a switch back to English for the lenght of an album. 'Sweet Mama' was produced by Big Sugar frontman Gordie Johnson in 2008 in Texas and another one in 2018 'The Power of Rock and Roll', the latter produced by Bernard Fowler of The Rolling Stones.But despite fiery reviews, the lack of promotion and timing stopped the band and its main songwriter to really make it big outside their home market.

And so,in 2019, SEB decided to roll up his sleves and finally make an old artistic dream come true, that of recording a number of his more personnal songs, something he had had in mind for many long years.


He went into the studio in early 2020 and completed the writing and recording of these old gems as well as some newer ones. All English songs writen between 1985 and 2019. Mostly influenced by primal influences of his chilhood and teenage years:The Beatles, the Stones, the Doors, Dylan and a lot of old vynils stuff. A touch of Blues also. But mainly, some of his best signature melody making.

On 'The Lost Songbook' , SEB opens up and lets us in his more private emotional and musical world.This is no longer just about Rock and Roll but also about leaving a testimony behind.A touch of his life experience.

Since a lot of these songs originate from his younger, more innocent years, one will certainly get a sense and feel of how SEB used to see anf feel the world.Love also of course. Believing-like he still does-about living in a better world. Because a lot of these gems were finalised in recent times,we also get served with more mature takes on life,and mid-life conclusions.


All being said and done, SEB truly comes to pass with one. You will hear some of his best vocals,guitar work and songwriting on there.All of his musical influences too:from the Beatles and the Stones to the Doors,Dylan and many many more all coming from a distant past and from the older vynils he once was exposed to.

You will recognize them, and maybe even yourself.

We are pleased to present this great collection of SEB's most original,artistic and personal work.

'The Lost Songbook' coming October 20th 2020.Listen to 'I'm Still Dreaming' the first single from the album out now everywhere.

Sébastien Plante grew up in the suburbs of Québec City, Canada. He spent most of his chilhood there but also lived in Toronto where he went to kindergarden and was first exposed to the English langage.He was taught basic rudiments of classical music in his elementary years but turned to Rock and Roll and the guitar when he moved again this time to London,England at the age of 16 where he completed his High School education (6th Form) at Acton High School.He also put together his very first band there.He went back to Quebec and Toronto for College and worked a bilingual marketing jobs for a couple of years before going on a back-packing trip to Europe and the U.S.Upon his return,he started to turn completely to a life of music,always more comfortable expressing his musical ideas in English to this day.

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